Sacred Secrets by Shirley Seger

In Mark 4, Jesus taught a crowd the story about the sower and the seed. After communicating the parable He declared, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” The disciples were perplexed and longed for insight. Following the teaching they asked Him for further understanding. His response was, “To...


Why I Wrote Sacred Secrets

A PURPOSE WORTH TELLING Some called it instinct, some premonition, others psychic. At first, I thought this still-small-voice-within was just my own thoughts of hope, encouragement, love, patience or optimism but in time, realized I wasn’t that smart, kind or good. I had come to welcome that...


Seer Realm

Hello Everyone, I have some exciting news for those interested in the SEER dimension! Due to overwhelming requests, we are actively seeking material from known or unknown Seers to formulate an in-depth teaching module for those seeking a deeper understanding of their gift of sight. Please...